Wednesday, March 29, 2017

How to pronounce the "R"

I had studied France language since 5 months till now, and I know how difficult it is to talk in France. But the question is, How could I speak well in France?   
I have a secret. Hmmm…

 Hopefully, after you read this blog and for the people which wanna try to speak in France especially as a beginner like me, could be understood by the listener or by native France speaker *Hopefully it is work. You should know that I am not a master of France language, Just make it fun!!! Pourquoi pas ?!

We could start to know, how to pronounce the France alphabet:
A B C D E F G H I J K L M N O P Q R S T U V W X Y Z 

I think the most difficult letters to pronounce is the R, E, U.

Let me share with you how to pronounce the R: Follow me.!
First, let’s do the exercise. R R R R R R

L’art= the art = seni
J’arrive= I arrive = Saya tiba
La gare= the station= stasiun
Le garage= the garage= Garasi
Une mare= a pond= Kolam
Un marathon= a marathon= Maraton
Le corps= the body= Tubuh
Une chorale= a choir=  Paduan suara
Dormir= to sleep= Tidur
Doré= golden= Emas
La guerre = the war= Perang
Guérir= to cure= Menyembuhkan

*Note = if you want to be able to speak in France don’t be shy! Try it many times and you should try to read some words.
Here are some France words that are similar with English, TRY IT!!!
1.    Les Couleurs = the colors
2.    Un Tee-Shirt = a T-shirt
3.    Un Rendez-vous = a Rendez-vous
4.    Claire = clear


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